Sunday, June 20, 2010

A heli-tench rig

I made up another variation on the helicopter rig the other day  to enable me to swap from a straight lead and boilie combo to a feeder and plastic caster set-up. I would have simply used an in-line lead to make the change if I'd not left them at home - retying one knot is no hardship for me, and keeps the knots fresh, which I think is essential when using mono.

Here's the rig. In order of addition to the main line it goes as follows:
Fox braid float stop, 5mm plastic bead, quick change swivel, 5mm plastic bead, 6mm rubber bead, tail rubber, hooked snap. The hooklink has a loop tied on the end and a rig sleeve threaded over it. I guess the rubber bead could be optional, or maybe the tail rubber (one or the other, not both) if greater simplicity was desired.

It works...

On 0.30mm mono I think the braid stops work better than the Drennan Grippa Stops, but for neatness on dace or roach rigs the Grippas win out.