Friday, December 09, 2011

Playing around

The stormy weather isn't encouraging me to turn out with the rods at the moment - although I will be making the effort next week when the winds abate.

This has enabled me to get to grips with tidying and rearranging my garage/workshop with a view to making my life easier with the addition of a new power tool in the freed up space. More of the space is going to be used as a makeshift photography studio for shooting rod and other product pictures.

I am picking up some lighting equipment tomorrow and need to get some backgrounds sorted out. I'm hoping this will help people better see what the rods look like when browsing

In the spirit of experiment I spent ten minutes this evening trying out some 'light painting' on one of my rods. Early days, but I can see my site looking a bit more flashy professional over the coming months when I get into the swing of this new aspect of photography.

Click the photo to see it in all it's glory!