Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A burning issue

Using the new heat gun
There I was happily heating up some whippings with my heat gun to soften the varnish ready to strip the butt rings off a set of refurbs when there was clicking sound, a smell of burning and the flicker of flame from within the gun! I hastily switched the thing off at the socket and removed the plug.

That's the third one that's gone up in smoke on me - over a period of almost twenty years, so it's not too bad I suppose. For  a rod builder a heat gun is a handy tool. Not only does the gun get used for stripping varnish and glue, it comes in useful for heating varnish as it thickens up, and makes light work of reducing shrink tube on to handles.

As three reel seats also required removing from the refurbs, and a new set of rods are having Japanese shrink tube applied to them,  heat is the best way to get them shifted, a trip to the heat gun shop was called for.