Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sex and death in the rain

Saturday's 'tench' session was doomed from the start by a frothy flask of tea. How I managed to get washing up liquid in it remains a mystery as I only ever rinse it with water. Still the oily bubbles on the brew made it taste foul. One small roach and a little bream were all that took a liking to my pellets before thirst drove me home. Life intervened over the Bank Holiday and early week, but when I awoke at four on Wednesday I decided I might as well get up and wet a line. Even the drizzle didn't deter me. As far as catching fish went I should have stayed home. Again the pellets were what got the action, this time from a couple of slightly bigger small bream - one of which fell off as I was about to net it. The entertainment for the morning was provided by the spawning activities of the resident carp population which I spent some time shooting with my compact camera (not having a gun to hand...). It was interesting to see smaller fish, I suspect roach, swirling and dimpling in the are the carp were spawning in. My guess is they were taking advantage of the protein filled eggs as a springtime bonus food source. I'm not sure, but I think there is a pike strike in one of the clips I've edited together. It would make sense for pike to home in on the roach while they are preoccupied with feasting on spawn. If that is the case we have a whole food chain, and acycle of life and death, all taking place in a few square yards. Fascinating.