Sunday, July 22, 2012

A faithful servant

There was a lack of motivation last week. This was partly the result of that same weather pattern bringing dull cool evenings after warm afternoons.That and a lack of bait. Tuesday (I think) I took an evening trip to the canal without the float rod. Only to find small fish shoaled up a rod length out and definitely catchable. There were too many people around too, so I went home without getting the rods out of the car.

The following evening remained warm and sunny. Until I got to my swim when it turned cold. I struggled to get a bite. One tiny, tiny perch was hooked and returned. One bootlace took the maggot as I ws setting up the first eel rod. The bootlace made good its escape in some weed. I had bites to the deadbaits, one being dropped due to a tangled rig, one was a proper run with the baitrunner spinning madly. That one was struck at and missed without feeling a thing.  That session did for me.

Work is frustrating at the moment and has every chance of stopping me getting out this coming week. So, after applying a first coat of varnish to some rods I spent a few minutes this afternoon playing around with a camera and some flashguns trying to make a portrait of an old friend. One of my earliest Abu Ambassadeurs. So well used, firstly as a lure reel then for bait fishing, that the chrome has worn off where my thumb rests on the cage.