Sunday, November 03, 2013

Camera for sale (SOLD)

Since my last post work, and the short days have kept me from fishing. Just when I thought I'd got on top of everything and would have a day free before some more blanks arrived the phone started ringing with more orders, and the blanks arrived early. I'm not complaining though. If I was a morning person I'd get my pike gear sorted out for some short, pre-work, local sessions. But I'm not a morning person. So I won't!

One thing I am is a camera tart, and I've got the bug for a different 'fishing' camera - partly because one I've fancied since it came out has come down considerably in price. As a result  I'm selling my Panasonic G2. It's a neat, lightweight, interchangeable lens camera with a flip round screen. In addition to the camera and lens there's a spare battery and a wireless remote. There's also the strap, manual, USB lead and battery charger - but no memory card. All this for £200 £150 - which includes postage. SOLD

Full spec and review here.

All the photos in the following link were taken with this camera and lens. 

As was this self take.