Sunday, October 13, 2013

What's new?

It's that weekend when I toddle along to the Tackle and Guns annual trade show to see what all the big names have lined up for next season. As usual I bumped into a load of people I haven't seen since last year, and some I saw last week. In fact as I got out of my car the driver of the vehicle parked next to me got out of his and it was one of the Harrison workforce!

One thing that was apparent was the number of manufacturers and distributors of soft lures aimed at the sea fishing market (but applicable to freshwater too, with some thought) and the rods to fish them.

 Yes, those are plastic flatties - although how you'd rig them for pike I'm not sure!

I suppose if you are fishing in one swim for a fortnight a big bivvy you can stand up in makes some sort of sense.

 However, I'm not sure if the 'thing' below was for real or a joke!

After half an hour or so I'd found everything I wanted to look at. I'll not be bothering with the Korum in-line maggot feeders, but the big flatbeds from Avid looked interesting. Avid (or was it Korum?) had some big pits that looked interesting with push button spools and quick drags on the spools. How well made they are remains to be seen. The Shimano 8000D isn't much bigger than the 6000D, and the Medium Baitrunner failed to impress. After another hour and a half wandering round in circles I'd had enough. Just as every year I spent more time driving than walking.