Saturday, June 22, 2013

Some 'holiday'

It's been quiet in Lumbland. The reorganisation was going well. I was going to manage to wet a line. Then I fell over. For over a week I've been nursing a bad back not feeling like doing much, and not able to lift heavy weights to take rubbish to the tip or put my rucksack on my back. Today I've started feeling like getting the rods out again. This is was obviously the cue for the weather to turn back into summer normality with a temperature drop, strong wind and rain. Oh well. I've another week of my 'holiday' left...

I have seen freshly emerged damselflies round my pond recently, which has done a bit to cheer me up. Seeing one snatched up by a passing sparrow wasn't quite so pleasing! I'm pretty confident that the damsels have emerged from the pond. Fingers crossed for a few more appearing over the summer.