Saturday, April 28, 2012

Photos from the LAS Lurefair

It was a bit of a quiet day at the Lurefair, but good to catch up with old acquaintances. Old  being the relevant words as the hottest topic amongst a few of us was getting old, but not something mentioned by the oldest - still fishing at 86!

The Derby University venue had been used before, but using the lower floor space was much better than in previous years.

By all accounts the talks (which I never manage to get into listen to) were very good.

Not much to report from me, but I got a few snaps.

Before the doors opened
The upper level

During a talk

Chico's Lures


Dominic Garnett's cuddly fish

Alex Prouse has lunch

My 'couldn't be arsed' stand!

Martin 'Knees' Godliman