Monday, April 16, 2012

Odd jobs and bodging jobs

Sometimes I get requests that I think are a bit off the wall. A pair of D-3s with folding 50mm butt rings was one such recent build. As the rods turned out they looked better than I anticipated, and the folding rings make a lot of sense at such a size. 50mm rings are prone to getting bashed, and they're horribly cumbersome. As the rings require a bit of pressure to fold I underwhipped them. Takes longer and is a fankle to do, but it should prevent any damage to the blanks from the ring feet flexing.

The bodging job was due to a confusion between the spec I thought I'd agreed with two Polish anglers and what they thought had been agreed. The result being two rods needing personalised inscriptions removing. As the blanks were painted this was never going to be straightforward as some of the finish was bound to be removed along with the top coat of varnish..

The long winded way would have been to strip the butts back to bare carbon, have then repainted, and redo the whippings. The bodge job was to remove the lettering and whip over the slightly flaked paint, varnish the thread, letter and top coat. I did this as an experiment to see if it would work. If it didn't then it would be the long way round. As it turned out they almost look as if that's the way they were intended to be finished.

The rods are both built on burgundy 10ft Harrison VHF spinning blanks with a casting weight of 15-45 grammes. One has a black reel seat and is whipped in burgundy with gold tipping throughout, the other is whipped in black with gold tipping. Both are rung with Fuji Alconite rings, 30mm to 8mm, and would have been £200 each. I'll have them on my Rods In Stock page soon at a knock-down price! If they don't sell before the LAS Lurefair, they'll be on display there. Had they been a matched pair I might have kept them myself as light carp/barbel rods. But I'm getting to be a bit of a tackle tart in my old age!