Saturday, October 01, 2011

PAC Convention 2011

The year passes quickly, and before you can blink it's time for the PAC's annual show, complete with it's regular cast of reprobates. This year there was one of the best turnouts ever, and plenty of book and tackle stands to take money off the people there - including yours truly.

Here are some snapshots of the kind of characters you missed seeing in the flesh!
Pete Haywood has difficulty staying upright, as usual.
Colin Brett wants a closer look at my lens.
Steve Rowley asks Neville Fickling who the strange old man is.
Gord Burton muscles in on Mick Brown's book signing session.
Not only has he a way with pike, Gord has an inimitable way with women too
Eric Edwards tries to look youthful in preparation for a junior coaching session. And fails.
The rarely seen, and empty, Fickling wallet