Monday, October 17, 2011

Bits and bobs

Sunday saw my annual pilgrimage to the Tackle and Guns trade show where a lot of the major manufacturers, and some smaller firms, display their wares. It's where next year's new products get show to the retail trade. This year it all seemed a bit flat. Lure fishing for sea fish seems to be the growth market, and bivvies seem to have been revamped even if it's hard to tell. Everyone seems to be making the same products at a slightly different price in a slightly different colour.

If I'm honest I go along as much to meet people I only see once a year. So as a social event it was good to catch up, but there was less new to look at than in previous years. From what I hear China is losing it's cost benefits for the large firms. This will mean that, until another cheap global manufacturing base is found, stuff that is made in the UK is going to look like better value. Which is good for a firm like Harrison's. Who just happened to have three new, ultra slim blanks on show. 

The blanks are  Torrix based with a more progressive action. In test curves of 2.5lb, 2.75lb and 3lb. They're Torrix prices too, so the two heavier ones will probably not appeal to cheapskate pikers. The 2.5lb feels like it will make a decent big river barbel rod. I'll no doubt indulge myself and try one out. Three of those could replace my Chimera 3s and 2.5lb Torrixes if they are as good as they might be. Although I'm sentimentally attached to my Chimeras.

A few weeks ago I helped Chris Hammond set up a blog for him to run as a sort of free on-line fishing magazine. The concept is to put a steady flow of fishing articles on the blog, written largely by members of The Pike Pit forum. The 'magazine' is known as The Pike Pool (even though it's not just going to be pike fishing articles) and was quietly added to my blog links in the sidebar a few days ago. It'll be interesting to see how this community based project progresses.