Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Over the last couple of weeks I've had a couple of short evening sessions trying to catch carp. One on the railway pond one on a bigger, deeper place. Both sessions saw me fishing into the wind like an idiot and freezing my nads off as a result. I should have had the wind behind me. I probably still would have blanked but at least I'd have been warmer.

I did manage a couple of runs on the railway pit, which was to be expected, but they both fell off for some reason. I suspect that my double boilie baits were too big for the daft little cyprios that picked them up and stopped the hooks doing their job. The other place was simply dead. Plenty of sand martins and a few swallows zipping about on the wind during the last hours of daylight, and a nice sunset though.

At least those two sessions have made my mind up to wait until things warm up before getting the tench rods out. Past experience has shown that if I start tenching too soon I get despondent before they start feeding and fattening up. May will be here soon enough.

Talking of tench I have one 11ft 2lb Torrix built with 25mm butt ring and five other rings to an 8mm tip and my standard cork handle in stock.