Friday, February 06, 2015


With work well under control I was all set to pick up a pint of maggots tomorrow for a roach session. Fortunately I went to have a look at the roach lake and found its surface less than fluid.Testing the ice in the margin it was at least an inch thick. That was that plan scuppered!

Temperatures are forecast to rise (slightly) over the next few days (but this morning's frost wasn't predicted) so it might have thawed out by the time another batch of blanks arrive next week. Better try and find some moving water to soak some baits in before I get busy again.

Among the odd jobs I have had recently have been fitting Tip Light clips to a couple of beachcasters. Nice and easy to do and it does make a better looking, and more permanent, job than insulation tape - or the cable ties I had to remove before fitting one of the clips!