Monday, April 14, 2014


April is usually a funny month for fishing. Pike have either spawned or are spawning and tench can be spasmodic - they also haven't piled on the weight yet... So this year I'm taking a break from fishing until the hawthorn begins to bud. That way I might not burn myself out trying to catch tench before they start feeding in earnest. I might have a dabble for anything-that-eats-maggots one evening before then, or I might not. I've got work to do and 'life in general' to contend with and the dreaded Easter weekend is almost upon us, so a break from fishing is in order.

Waters are starting to show signs of spring though. Green reedy shoots in the margins and already a few pads up on top where it's shallow. There's a warmth to the evening light full of a promise of summer. The carpers are out of hibernation too!