Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More changes afoot

I've noticed that the Lumbland archives haven't been working properly, meaning that not all the old posts show up when a link is clicked in the Topics and Species link list. I've been having a play around under the bonnet and think that a change of template will do the trick. This means that the design will be changing, and for a while some of the stuff in the sidebar might disappear. However, when it is all sorted out the blog will be wider, I hope making it easier to read, and the photos will be able to be displayed larger - although that won't be completely retrospective as I can't be bothered going back and altering them all!

Please bear with me while I mess around. I might also manage to get the www.lumbland.co.uk link to start working properly again. But that remains to be seen.

Of course there's always the distinct possibility that everything will go horribly, horribly Pete Tong and Lumbland will disappear altogether!