Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another handle variation

A bit of an odd one this, and not one I'll be able to replicate. I had an enquiry about a full Duplon handle with a reel seat incorporating a long locking nut like the horrible (to my eyes) one which has been used on certain Daiwa rods.

The only thing  I could think of that comes close is a Fuji fitting that I had used on such a handle on one of my spod rods, more to see what it looked like than anything.  My customer liked the look and so I went to look for the fitting in the catalogue only to find it had been left out. I guess it had never proved pupular and had been dropped. Nonetheless I phoned to check availability and managed to get hold of some from the depths of the stock room.

I'd forgotten the trouble I had fitting the seat to my rod. It's a design fault. If the long nut had been made about five mm shorter it would be as easy as fitting a standard reel seat. Still, a bit of bodging got me through again and the result is quite pleasing on the eye, and pleasant to hold with a reel attached.

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