Saturday, May 28, 2011

Don't use shrink tube

Yet again my tenching plans were scuppered this week - and look like being goosed next week now, so more rod nonsense follows.

On the subject of cork another chance I shall take this chance to rant about people leaving the clear shrink tube on their cork handles. DON'T DO IT!!! Water will get under it and at best discolour the cork, at worst cause it to rot. The barbel rods I'm fettling still had some of the shrink tube one and looked a mess (see below). So I've removed it and given the cork a light sanding to get it back how it should be. I hope the customer approves.

Note how the cork has worn away on the upper handle where the rod butt has been placed on the ground when barbel fishing 'beachcaster style'. That's the reason I fit rubber butt caps to barbel rods as standard.