Sunday, February 21, 2010

Old and soft

I have to confess that the weather since Christmas has really put me off fishing. Had the roads not been so awful with the snow I would have ventured to a river or two, and probably done the grayling fishing I promised myself but the thought of getting stuck somewhere far from home didn't appeal. Then with the stillwaters frozen solid thoughts of pike or roach were scuppered. In a 'normal' winter such weather lasts maybe two weeks then we're back to the usual not-too-cold dampness with occasional frosts. Weather that is bearable. This winter seems never ending. It's coming up to the last week of February and it's snowing again. What I hear from people who have ventured out recently hasn't made me want to grab the rods and join them.

Frozen again

Some say that this lack of enthusiasm is the result of getting older and seeing sense. I certainly hope so! But then if we were 'sensible' when we were young we wouldn't do or learn much. I guess what you do learn is when you are likely to waste your time, and as time starts running out it's better to use it doing something you enjoy or get something out of. Sitting outdoors feeling my toes growing increasingly cold while not catching fish isn't the 'pleasure' it once was. I've still been getting out in the fresh air and stretching my legs, and my imagination, by taking a camera for a walk. I'm not sure it provides the same satisfaction as fishing can, but it's best done when the sun shines, I keep on the move and stay warm, and I don't have to stay out too long if I don't want to!

There are signs that spring is on the way, though. Even if feeble. I keep reminding myself that last season conditions were poor until the final week, that it only takes a day or two of mild weather to get the rivers back in barbel fettle, and only one bite to crown a season. I'm biding my time. How's that for optimism?

Snowdrops before the snow dropped again