Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Changes ahead

I've been made aware that is changing the way I publish Lumbland sometime this month. There may well be a time when it disappears. I hope this will be temporary, but if things go wrong it might be permanent!

As I type this it's snowing. The weather people say it's going to warm up from tomorrow - so the snow will melt into the rivers. Fandabbydossie.This really has been a frustrating winter. No wonder I had to cheer myself up with some retail therapy. Not fishing tackle, but a digital SLR camera. I'd not used an SLR in anger for a long time and it was great to get out and take as many shots as I like without having to worry about processing costs and being able to review each shot immediately.

There's pike in that thar ditch

It must be a pretty good bit of kit because I managed to catch Ray at Burscough Angling Supplies smiling!

This is not Photoshop trickery!

Roll on spring.