Friday, August 21, 2009

Retail therapy

I'm having the gable end that faces the prevailing wind repointed. The guy who's doing the work is doing it of an evening. Which has messed up my fishing this week. Wednesday threatened rain, so he called it off - when I had made plans not to fish. Yesterday was fine and he got some work done, but with the nights drawing in I reckon there's still two more days to go. So today I decided to cheer myself up with a trip to Ted Carters. Those Torrixes were looking lonely...

More cardboard for the recycling plant

Yes, I went for the XTEAs. After a bit of internet research I determined that all four sizes differ only in the spool size. The weight difference being negligible it seemed obvious to go for the largest size. If I don't like them for bream fishing I can use them for pike, zander, eel or catfishing (if I get the chance) - or should I lose my marbles all together, carping.

Initial impressions are that they are more solidly built than my older Aero Baitrunners, smoother too. It's hard to tell if they are as robust as the Baitrunner Bs. Time will be the judge of that - or a few barbel sessions using the big leads.

I was hoping to load the reels with Nash Bullet XT in 12lb (the ten pound having served me well for the limited amount of tench fishing I did this spring), but Carter's were out of it. Not to worry I had a spool of 12lb ESP Crystal Carp at home. Why do they have to put that horrible word in the product name? Are carp anglers so dumb they have to use a line that has the fish's name attached? Having worked in a tackle shop I can tell you the answer is often 'Yes'. Irrespective of what it's called I've got on well with the stuff. I used it for breaming earlier in the year and have caught a few barbel, and even a carp, on the stuff. It spools up nicely and is limp. I imagine it would make pretty good hooklinks for barbelling if I was that way inclined, what with it being a 'clear' mono and all.

Well, I didn't have enough of the ESP line to fill all three reels. I did have a bulk spool of fifteen pound Ultima Power, though, which I had bought to put on my spodding reel after having trouble with my braid snapping. This would do to partly fill the spools - they are quite capacious! While loading the line I thought it might be quite nice for fishing with, but a bit thick for my purposes in 15lb. I had to nip out while the cricketers were at lunch so I called in at my local tackle shop to pick up a spool in 12lb. They had none. A shame as it's a grey colour that would have matched the reels nicely. I've gone off Daiwa Sensor so lashed out a few extra quid on 1000m of Ultima Power Carp (that word again...). I've not used a fluorocarbon coated copolymer before, so it will be interesting to see how it performs. It certainly spooled up reasonably enough.

After all this it looks like I'll be having a stillwater session soon so I can sit looking at my new set up. Where, and when, will depend on how soon the gable end is finished. I bought a tub of lobworms as I had some cash spare after paying for the reels, so there might be an overnighter for eels in the offing.