Saturday, August 15, 2009

New reels required

The Torrix blanks are now completed rods. In the end I went with MNSG SiC rings (six plus tip, 30mm to 10mm, Rover Ringing pattern), NPS reel seat with stainless collars, keeper ring and just a rubber Fuji butt cap to finish the handle off - although this may change later as I'm not sure about it. I've kept the lettering to a minimum (DLST as shown, and 12/2.5 underneath at the rear of the reel seat), and added a discreet metallic tipping to the tyings on the handle.

Functional but smart

The rods look so good I simply can't put my cheap Aero Baitrunners on them. It's a pity the XTEAs have double handles and I do wish I hadn't been told about the Baitrunner D series...