Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Stood up again

Just a couple of afternoon sessions squeezed in since my last post. The first was after pike, where I immediately put the mockers on any chance of success by trying out the new rod and using my non-piking reels. The baitrunners on my 6000OCs can be set really slack, a little too slack at their lightest. The same feature on my medium baitrunners isn't as sensitive. I still thought I'd try them for fishing off the 'runner. Whether that account for me having a dropped take I can't say for sure because when I switched to using a drop-off on the same rod I got another dropped take. I never get dropped takes!

The sunset was nice and autumnal, pinkfoots flying west and a barn owl hunting over the scrubby horse field added to the seasonal feel.

The second session was another attempt to make a date with Nicola. I refuse to call a sturgeon anything else! This time I remembered to put her favourite food in the bag. Not that it did me any good. Although warm it was another afternoon redolent of autumn. A robin sang from the leafless pollarded willows behind me, occasionally to the accompaniment of a pair of chittering blue tits. Once more pinkfoots flew west, and the first flock of fieldfares flew past high and heading towards a wood.

I thought I'd try a different bait on the second rod. A bunch of dendrobenas on a maggot clip, to overcome the silly barbless hoook rule, seemed to be worth a try. Alas all it did was attract the attentions of small fish which pulled at the worms until they were all gone. I swapped to a wafter on that rod. As last time it produced a positive take from a daft carp. I hadn't even put out any free offerings! another small double it bent the stalking rod round well, but not for long. And that was my lot.

I'm not sure I can take much more of the hunt for Nicola. One target fish in a small pond stuffed with carp is going to prove frustrating I think. It''s like buying an expensive lottery ticket every time I fish! The carp don't run very big, and carp always leave me feeling let down when I land them. They just don't do anything for me. Still, it's a challenge of sorts.