Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rod news

I could write about another failure of a tench session when fishing carp style with bags of pellets produced another hybrid (which looked very much like the one I caught last Thursday...) but there wouldn't be much to write about apart from hearing and seeing my first whitethroat of the year.

I was forced on to the pod because I was a battery short in my cheap alarms and it's just a lot easier to set up in some of the swims. I might get myself three more of the quick release plates for the Delks to put on my non-piking banksticks. Anyway, the 11ft 2lb Torrixes continue to satisfy my needs. Maybe not quite what I'd like but the best 11ft option I've found. They match up well with the 4000D Baitrunners.

Talking of Torrix blanks, I'm not sure if the 12ft 1.25lb has been altered, but I've got a pair on the go for a customer at the moment that feel a whole lot nicer than the one I built for myself and quickly sold on. These blanks are quite like a longer version of the 11ft Chimera Avons I love to bits. They should make a nice 'specimen float' rod. So much so I might get one for myself!

Recent builds have included a set of three P-5s and an Axiom in brown, which combined with copper tipped chestnut whippings made for a really nice look.

My latest build is (the shame of it) a spod rod with Hamster Hoops. Harrison's bog standard 5lb spod rod has a bit of a reputation as a casting machine. I built myself one but found it far too stiff for the small spods I was using and the short ranges I was fishing at. If you need to chuck big spods a long way but don't want to pay silly prices it's the one to go for.

I suppose the spod rod could be used for catfishing, but given that one impatient customer couldn't wait for winter to give his X-1s an outing and took them catting there's probably no need for anything that beasty. Six fish to 48lb gave the X-1s a bit of a work-out, but didn't find them wanting when pulling fish away from snags by all accounts. Still on the subject of using rods for species they weren't intended for I'm informed that the Duellist 2 is ideal for float fishing livebaits for bass from a boat. At least my customers can catch fish even if I can't!