Friday, November 28, 2008

Sparkly stuff

Fancying a change of scenery today I headed for a stretch of river I last saw during the summer floods. My how different it looked. The banks were bare and access to the water much easier without the head-high balsam and nettles. In fact there were half a dozen spots that looked to be worth a dabble. Although I had intended to fish upstream I plonked my gear in the penultimate peg at the downstream end of the stretch. I was planning to catch chub so the slacker water appealed to me.

The water temperature was up two degrees from Tuesday, the level up maybe a foot and there was a touch of colour. The day had turned pleasant in the sun and with hardly any breeze. For the first hour I was quite warm after the walk from the car, but when the sun neared the horizon I got the first hint of impending frost.

Just because I could, I cast a pellet rod out to fish the faster water at the tail of the crease, more in desperation than hope, and fished the tip rod upstream with the cheesy paste. Not much happened. Okay, nothing happened. The only indications were from leaves hitting the lines.

I was treated to an air show though. First a Eurofighter roared overhead, then a small single-engined propeller driven 'plane crept southwards just before a microlight slowly hove into view preceding a powered hang glider. I had a horrible feeling that would be my entertainment for the day.

Even when the isotopes were glowing brightly no bites materialised. I was beginning to think that I had made a bad swim choice when I heard an odd noise to my left. It sounded like something had blundered into a branch. When I looked I saw my pellet rod had shifted forty five degrees in the rest. Maybe a bird had flown into the line?

To my amazement there was a fish on the end of the line. A chub had hooked itself. Not a big fish, but welcome nonetheless. Maybe the swim is worth another look sometime after all. For some reason my heart wasn't in it, and I packed up three quarters of an hour later so as to avoid the rush hour traffic.

Crossing the stile there was some sparkly stuff on the step. When I got back to my car there was plenty more of it on the car's roof. It was turning frosty. And it's forecast to stay that way for a few days at least. I might get some maggots tomorrow and see what they produce.